Monday, April 26, 2010

Gentlemen, Start your engines

And may the best WOMAN win!

I am so addicted to RuPaul's drag race! If you guys are not watching it, you better work start. They run marathon's of it on LOGO so you can check up. Tonight is the season finale. It's down to three girls...

JuJuBee(my personal favorite)

Tyra Sanchez(The "Other" Tyra)

If you are watching, who do you want to win? I choose JuJuBee because she is a sweetie. Tyra has been a cutthroat little bitch. She has annoyed the other contestants and she does not play fair. Anyone remember her knocking the clothes rack over to trip up the other girls? HELLO! What a B*tch!  Raven is good, but she's  been a bitchy little queen too. I know, I know...a lot of you like that kind of attitude... but me...not so much!

The finale is 2.5 hours tonight and begins at 9pm est. The finale includes a reunion special with all the contestants getting together and discussing all the things that happened during the show. I CANNOT WAIT for that!  There was a lot of crap said and done on camera. I love it when they all now know what was said and they confront the ones who said it. AWESOME TV! Tune in!
Bob Out


Bob said...

I'm Team Raven, although really I'm Team Anyone-But-Tyra.

Michael Rivers said...

I LOVE this show. It is so much fun!