Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gosh, I love this commerical!

This guy is so hot and has such a manly voice. Mmmmm, I think I need to go buy some Old Spice shower gel.

Bob Out

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Friday Flashback

All hail the Queen...
Long b4 she had "4 Minutes" to save the world. It was all about the "Music". My love for her is still "True Blue". This is the song that cemented my devotion to her and makes me "Cherish" her always...

Happy Friday
Have a Great Weekend!
Bob Out

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Andrew Koenig found dead tonight

I did a post earlier in the week telling you guys Andrew Koenig -- best known for his role as Kirk Cameron's pal Boner on the '80s sitcom Growing Pains -- was missing. His family had said he was suffering from depression. His body was found tonight in a densely wooded area in Vancouver, B.C.

His dad, Walter Koenig(Chekov from Star Trek), issued a statement saying "My son took his own life." In regards to depression, he added..."Don't ignore it; don't rationalize it," "Extend a hand."

Such a sad ending to a short life. Andrew was just 41.

Bob Out

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hump Day Hunk(Ryan McPartlin)

Today's hunk started his career as a model for Abercrombie & Fitch...
He currently plays Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb in NBC's "Chuck".  Ryan McPartlin.

I think he is pretty dang awesome in real life too.
Happy HUMP Day
Bob Out

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Evgeni Plushenko can suck it!

Check this out...

Evgeni Plushenko still cannot get it throught his little delusional mind that he did not deserve the gold medal.
The above picture is from his website. See the 3 medals pictured...the caption below the first says.."Silver of Salt Lake" the middle one says "Gold of Torino" and the third says "Platinum of Vancouver".

Get a lost! You lost fair and square! Your jumps were sloppy. So you performed ONE quad jump...ONE,A-hole! JUST ONE! The rest of your performance did not compare to Evan Lysacek.

Check out this interview...
Suck it, Plushenko
Bob Out

Monday, February 22, 2010

Boner is missing!

Andrew Koenig, best known for playing Boner on Growing Pains, has gone missing in Toronto.
He was last seen on February 14th and missed his flight home two days later. His family reported that he had not seemed like himself lately and believed he had been suffering from depression.

His father, Walter Koenig, is also an actor best known for playing Pavel Chekov in Star Trek. The Vancouver police are now involved and lots of people are looking for him. Let's hope they find him safe.

Bob Out

Sunday, February 21, 2010

In the kitchen with Bo's Bowl

Today I stepped into the kitchen with Bo's bowl and I am going to lick it clean.  :)

Well, I'm not actually in the kitchen with Bo but I am making one of his recipes. If you haven't checked out Bo's blog then please stop by. He has a great blog going where he features wonderful recipes he makes. I saw this one a few weeks ago and knew I had to make it.

Hot Italian Sausage Soup
Here's the recipe...

1.5 lbs Hot Italian Sausage, about 5 links
1 medium onion, diced
3 carrots, peeled and diced
3 celery stalks, diced
3 garlic cloves, minced
1 tsp crushed red pepper flakes
1 tsp dried thyme
1 tsp dried oregano
2 bay leaves
35 oz can of crushed tomatoes
2 15.8 cans Cannellini Beans, drained and rinsed
5 cups chicken broth
1/2 cup Parmesan Cheese, grated
1/2 cup fresh basil leaves, torn
olive oil
salt and pepper, to taste

You can also check out the full recipe and step by step instructions by clicking here

Here are the pics I took showing the steps in making this wonderful soup...

I served it with a wonderful Ciabatta Bread
Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm Good
Thanks for the great recipe Bo!
Bob Out

Friday, February 19, 2010

Shake Weight

Have you guys seen the Shake Weight commercial? It is too funny. Here it is...

Now check out the parody(NSFW)...

Bob Out

Plushenko says Lysacek is not the champion

Evgeni Plushenko says Evan Lysacek is not the champion because Lysacek didn't attempt a quad jump.

“Just doing nice transitions and being artistic is not enough because figure skating is a sport, not a show”
Guess what both scored 82.80 on artistry. It was the technical score that won it for Lysacek. I am not a professional, hell I still can't tell a triple axel from a triple toe loop but Lysacek looked like the better skater last night. He had more jumps...more combination jumps AND he performed them all better. Judges should look at the entire routine and not just one quad jump. GET OVER YOURSELF. If you blame anyone...blame yourself!
Bob Out

The Friday Flashback

Today's flashback can only be described with one word....

Last week I featured Olivia Newton-John's "Physical" as the Friday Flashback. I found this pic from about 18 years ago. That's me sitting next to her. Did I tell you how much I love her?!?!?! This was the best day EVER(hehe).
Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!
Bob Out

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hump Day Hunk(Tom Ford)

He's a fashion designer, film director(A Single Man) and just plain HOT! Today's Hump Day Hunk....
Tom Ford

Happy Hump Day!
Bob Out

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

YAY, we finally got some snow in Atlanta. Look...
It ended up being right around three inches of the fluffy variety. It came in Friday afternoon and was pretty much gone by Saturday night. I love snow! To me, there is nothing more serene than watching it fall.

Speaking of Saturday night...
 We had our 2nd annual Valentine's dinner at my place. Bunny and I were supposed to go to Dekalb Farmer's Market Saturday morning to pick up ingrediants to make an Italian dinner feast but the snow foiled those plans. Instead I went for a REALLY southern comfort food dinner.

Country Fried Steak, Lima Beans,
 Mac and Cheese, Biscuits & Gravy. And look...I made heart shapped ice cubes...

Have you guys seen the video for the remake of "We Are The World"? I know it's for a good cause but...
Dang, I don't like it...yet! Maybe it will grow on me. There are some GREAT artist in it that I LOVE but I just don't get the new one.  Check it out...
I am a child of the 80's and I love the original so much. Maybe that's why I don't like the new one. What did you guys think? Here's the original...

I better get back to work. Hope you guys have a great day!
Bob Out

Monday, February 15, 2010

Dragged Out

I need/want to do a longer post but I just don't have it an me right now. I wish I did, TRUST ME! hehe...
So for the time being...I am watching RuPaul's Drag Race and decided to drag myself out. What do you think?
Anastacia Beaverhausen
How U doin!?!?!
Bob Out

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Friday Flashback

I LOVE Olivia Newton-John!!!! I was obsessed with her growing up. I had pictures everywhere and all of her albums and 45's...still do :)
Don't you guy laugh at me!hehe
Just enjoy this classic...

This just in...
Billboard has come up with the 50 most popular songs related to sex, at least since the magazine began charting the Hot 100 in 1958. Here's the top 10:

1)Physical (1981), Olivia Newton-John
2)Tonight's the Night (1976), Rod Stewart
3)I'll Make Love to You (1994), Boyz II Men
4)Too Close (1998), Next
5)Let's Get It On (1973), Marvin Gaye
6)Hot Stuff (1979), Donna Summer
7)Do That To Me One More Time (1980), Captain & Tennille
8)Like a Virgin (1984), Madonna
9)Kiss You All Over (1978), Exile
10)Do Ya Think I'm Sexy (1979), Rod Stewart

YAY!!!! Olivia is # 1...woot, woot!

Bob Out

Thursday, February 11, 2010

10 for 2010 Update # 1

Here is a reposting of my 10 goals for 2010 with a little update on my progress so far...
The 10 for 2010 is just 10 goals I set for myself for this year.

1) Lose 30 pounds. I have gotten so sloppy with my eating/exercise habits. I feel gross and need to get this extra weight off. I would love to lose more but I will set the bar low so as not to get overwhelmed.
Let's move on to the next one,please!

2) Visit Tallulah Gorge. This is a state park in Georgia. It is less than an hour from my house and I have passed it 100 times but never stopped. Did you know part of the movie, "Deliverance" was filmed at Tallulah Gorge? "I bet you can squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeee!" 

Again, time to move to the next progress

3)Spend less time on Facebook. Hello, my name is Bob and I'm addicted to Facebook. I may need an intervention. I love the site so I don't want to give it up. I just want to limit the time I spend on it.

I think I've done pretty good on this one! I was a serious Facebook addict. I think I've toned it down a bit. I quit playing a lot of the games. I now only play Farmville and Farm Town(Green Acres is the place for me). 

4)Spend a lot more time looking for a new job/career. I need a new job...badly. I work for a travel agency and they are becoming extinct. We've had pay cuts and layoffs but I'm still hanging on. I have tried to look for a new job but I haven't truly invested a lot of time doing it. I need to make it a top priority.

I've been applying for jobs. I do have a couple of possibilities that are going to become available around June. Keep your fingers crossed for me. I need a job!

5)Step all the way out of the closet. This was one of my goals for 2009. As you guys probably know from earlier post, I still haven't told my mom. There is still a few days left so maybe this will happen in 2009.

It didn't happen....YET

6) Try different restaurants. I eat at the same places over and over again. Next year I want to venture out and try new restaurants and different cuisines. A friend introduced me to a local pizza place and it was fantastic. They had squeeze bottles filled with honey on the tables. Let me tell you ...that is the BEST. IDEA. EVER. You eat your pizza down to the crust and then squeeze the honey on the crust...DELICIOUS. Although I can't do it often(see goal # 1). 

SCORE! I've been doing good on this one! I tried two new restaurants last month..."The Real Chow Baby" and "Parma"

7)Volunteer more. I see people average people doing extraordinary things for others and it makes me sad that I don't put more effort into helping the less fortunate. If there is one thing I have learned, WE ARE BLESSED! I may not be rich but I have a lot. It's time I show how Thankful I am. I'm not sure in what capacity but I will figure it out. Stay Tuned :)

Score Again! I have set up some volunteer time. My first will be next Wednesday at my local Humane Society and the following Wednesday will be at my local YMCA. I will be sending out flyers for the Humane Society and working the front desk for the YMCA.

8) Look for Mr. Right and not Mr. Right now. I need a man! A good man! Not just a F*ck buddy. I think because I have stayed in the closet so long my love life has been a series of F*ck buddies. A lot of them have been long term but it's not a REAL relationship. I've fooled myself a long time into thinking I would be happy with that...but I'm not. I really would love to experience love in the right way. So if you know anyone, send them my way :)

Ugh...Let's move on to the next one

9)Have more new adventures. This year I went Kayaking for the first time. If you would like to read about it, click here. It turned out to be a lot of fun. I am definitely doing it again this year. I want to try more new things in 2010.

I did have at least one new adventure last month. I visited the World of Coke for the first time. That's not too exciting but hey, it's a new adventure.

10) Be a better blogger. I have really enjoyed blogging this year. I just started at the end of August. It was a little slow going at first but It's really turned out to be something I love doing. It's been great getting to know the people that have been checking out my blog. I checked Google analytics this morning at is says I've had 248 unique visitors since I started. WOW, that's awesome! I really appreciate you guys stopping by and leaving your comments. I'm not a great writer and I stress over spelling and grammar errors but it's still been fun. I want to really try to refine the blog and make it better. 

This is one I think I'm doing much better at. Y'all will have to be the judge though. I tend to lean more towards Pop Culture but I've been trying to focus more on gay issues especially gay marriage. I'm also now up to almost 700 unique visitors. THANKS!

Have a GREATday!
Bob Out

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hump Day Hunk(s)

Today is 2 for 1 day! I have never watched NCIS nor the new spinoff NCIS- Los Angeles but I think I'm gonna have to start. I love both of these guys...LL Cool J and Chris O'Donnell...Enjoy and Happy Hump Day!

Bob Out

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kellan Lutz Calvin Klein underwear Ad

Girls, sit back and enjoy....

I just threw this one in for the FUN of it.
Bob Out!

This and That

Three candidates in the Rhode Island governor's race are each expected to publicly sign a pledge stating that they would support and sign a gay marriage bill if elected.
                  Yay, finally some candidates willing to take a stand. I love it!
Aaron Carter takes a stand and posed for the No H8 campaign in LA.The campaign raises awareness and money for gay rights.

                                                                      Yay, Aaron
I love Sandra Bullock! I REALLY, REALLY want her to win the Oscar. Nothing personal, Meryl! You were great in "Julie & Julia" but Sandy hasn't had this opportunity before and she typically doesn't make films that are recognized by the academy. And...She really was fantastic in "The Blind Side".
I read these questions to today in EW magazine and it just reinforced how great she is...

EW: How does it feel to be an Oscar nominee?
Sandra: It's catching me my complete and total suprise. I don't think moments like this should ever be expected or planned. I'm shocked and blown away.
EW: The Best Actree race seems to be between you and Meryl Streep. How do you feel about going head to hears with her?
Sandra: Oh, stop with the "head to head". You people with the "head to head". Meryl and I laugh about what people say about us going "head to head". In our world, we talk, we laugh, we're so thankful just to have a mention. And I told her, "This ride with you has made it so sweet". Because I like her so much as a human being and as a woman. We love(insert sarc mark here) how people start pitting women against each other. You don't do it to men!
EW: I also have to congratulate you on your Razzie nomination for "All About Steve".
Sandra: Oh my God, how fantastic is that? I'm showing up if I win.
EW: Really? You would go to that ceremony?
Sandra: Hell, yes! I do everything 100 percent. With "All About Steve", we were trying to do something different. And if it gets some kind of award, that means people are talking about it. I'm more comfortable with criticism than I am with goodwill, because it's more familiar with it, and I've made friends with it. And the Razzies are a great honor.
Had to also share a pic with you guys...
I have friends in DC and they sent me this pic. WOW, look at all the snow! Those greedy bastards. They just had to get it all and couldn't share a few inches with their friend in the south.
Well, I better get busy...Have a great day!
Bob Out