Friday, February 5, 2010

The Friday Flashback

I LOVE music and have wanted to somehow incorporate it into my blog. I've posted videos before but last night I had the idea to do a "Friday Flashback". Every Friday I will show an older video of a song/artist that I love. I had to kick it off right so here is one of my favorite dance songs "Upside Down" by Diana Ross.  Enjoy!

Plus...Bob Out underwent some changes last night. I downloaded a new background template. Do you like it? There are some advertising boxes on the right that I can't seem to get rid of and my Twitter button isn't linked up right but I like it. If anyone knows how to get rid of those boxes or help me link to Twitter, let me know :)
Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! Go Saints(I really don't care either way but a friend has some money on the game so I'll help pull for them)!
Bob Out


Michael Rivers said...

Does it get any better than Miss Ross! What a great song to kick of your Friday Flashback series!

Have a great weekend!

Bo said...

Great song...Diana Ross

Bob said...

Love the new look, and love anything by Miss Ross, who I once danced with.
At Caesars Tahoe.

robertga99 said...

That is cool, Bob! I love this favorite by her!

Stephen said...

Still a great song!
I dig the new look!

Mark in DE said...

Great song!!