Thursday, February 25, 2010

Andrew Koenig found dead tonight

I did a post earlier in the week telling you guys Andrew Koenig -- best known for his role as Kirk Cameron's pal Boner on the '80s sitcom Growing Pains -- was missing. His family had said he was suffering from depression. His body was found tonight in a densely wooded area in Vancouver, B.C.

His dad, Walter Koenig(Chekov from Star Trek), issued a statement saying "My son took his own life." In regards to depression, he added..."Don't ignore it; don't rationalize it," "Extend a hand."

Such a sad ending to a short life. Andrew was just 41.

Bob Out


Michael Rivers said...

Very very sad.

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

That's sad. I liked his character on Growing Pains. How could you not like a character named Boner.

Yes, I was addicted to that show!

Bob said...

Very sad.
It's so easy to dismiss depression as "no big deal" but all too often it ends like this.

Mark in DE said...

"Just get over it!" is what some with depression hear from people who don't understand. Depression is real and can't be ignored or dismissed.