Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hump Day Hunk(Ricky Martin)

Out, Proud and HOTTER than ever. This weeks Hump Day Hunk has to be...
Ricky Martin
Happy Hump Day!
Bob Out

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinner was a success!

I am single so I rarely take the time to make a nice dinner. Tonight my friend Bunny came over for an American Idol viewing party. She also had to introduce me to my new goddawg, Charlie. Yep, I'm a godfather. Here is the little buddy taking a nap after dinner...
Cute, huh?

For dinner I made roasted chicken breast, brussel sprouts with pancetta & acorn squash.

This is the first time I have ever made acorn squash but it will not be the last! It was DELICIOUS!
I cut the squash in half, then turn it cut side down into a baking dish. Pour one inch of water into the pan. Then bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Then drain the water and turn the squash cut side up and bake for an additional 30 minutes. I served it with a tablespoon of brown sugar butter.

To make the butter I just used 1/2 stick of softened butter, 1 tlbs of brown sugar, 1 tlbs honey & a pinch of cinnamon & nutmeg.Mmmmmm!

I also made a pitcher of Ina Garten's Whiskey Sour's

It's my new favorite cocktail. So yummy!
for dessert...

A slice of poundcake topped with Bruster's ice cream, macerated strawberries
and a healthy dallop of whipped cream.

American Idol was pretty good tonight.  There were a few really good performances but
Lee Dewize was awesome!

Go Lee!
Bob Out

Tuesday Tidbits

I'm sure you have all heard but in case you haven't, Ricky Martin came out of the closet yesterday...
Ricky, call me! I'll be a great mama to your kids :)

Tonight I will once again be watching American Idol but I'm not sure how much longer. Is anyone watching it out there? Gosh, I just think this season is sooooo boring.  My friend, Bunny is coming over to watch it with me. She is bringing Brusters ice cream and I am making dinner and drinks. I am serving roasted chicken breast, brussel sprouts with pancetta & acorn squash. I'm also going to make Ina Garten's whisky sours again. I am sooooo addicted to those things...YUMMY!

The full version of the new Christina Aguilera song, "Not myself tonight", premieres today. Check out her website tonight at 6pm to listen to it. I can't wait to hear it.

I've got mail...

Look, I received the artwork I won from Dean @ Exploding Doughnut. I had it framed this week and just picked it up last night.
Have a great night!
Bob Out

Monday, March 29, 2010

Breaking the Monday blahs

I'm trying to break the Monday blahs with a laugh or two.  Here are some jokes and a video that  always does it for me...

Mary Jane

Mary Jane was walking on the beach one day and saw a shark swimming around a man. The man was screaming, "Help me! Help me!"

And Mary Jane laughed and laughed, because she knew the shark was never going to help that man!
Mary Jane was walking through the forest, and a squirrel ran up her skirt.
And Mary Jane laughed and laughed, because she knew there weren't any nuts up there.
Mary Jane was walking down the street when a man pulled her into a dark alley and started ripping off all her clothes.
And Mary Jane laughed and laughed, because she knew her clothes wouldn't fit him.
Mary Jane was at the movies with her boyfriend. He put his hand up her skirt.
And Mary Jane laughed and laughed, because she knew her money was in her shoe.
Mary Jane pushed her brother into the pool. Her mother said, "You know your brother can't swim!"
And Mary Jane laughed and laughed, because she knew there wasn't any water in that pool.
Mary Jane was playing on the swings one day, swinging higher and higher. Her mother came out and said, "Mary Jane, don't you swing too high, the boys will see your underwear."
And Mary Jane laughed and laughed, because she knew she wasn't wearing any underwear.
Mary Jane was walking downtown and saw a sign in a fabric store that said "Felt, 10 cents."
And Mary Jane laughed and laughed, because she knew where she could get felt for free.
Mary Jane burnt down the barn one day, and her mother said "Mary Jane! You're in big trouble when your father gets home!"
And Mary Jane laughed and laughed, because she knew her father was in that barn.
Mary Jane was crossing the street with her mother. As her mother stooped to pick up a quarter, she was hit by a bus.
And Mary Jane laughed and laughed, because she knew it was only a nickel.
Mary Jane went to the doctor because she hadn't been feeling too well. The doctor told her that she was pregnant with twins.
And Mary Jane just laughed and laughed, because she knew she only did it once.
Mary Jane had forgotten to do her chores one day and was sitting in her room reading a book. Her father came storming up the stairs and threw open her room door and ripped the book out of her hand and threw it across the room….
And Mary Jane laughed and laughed, because she knew what page she was on.
Mary Jane was walking through a cow pasture when she came upon a big, fresh pile of cow manure. On top of this steaming pile of manure was a tiny fly.
And Mary Jane laughed and laughed, because she knew a fly couldn't have made all of that.
Mary Jane went to the drive-in movies with her boyfriend. She was looking really fine, so he says, "Hey Mary Jane, do you want to sit in the back seat?". Mary Jane looked at the back seat, then back at her boyfriend.
And Mary Jane just laughed and laughed because she knew she wanted to sit up front with him.
Mary Jane was asleep in bed one night. A strange man came into her room, took off his clothes, and got in bed with her.
And Mary Jane just laughed and laughed, because she knew she had the only pillow.

And now the video...

Hehe, I feel better already! Happy Monday!
Bob Out

Friday, March 26, 2010

Christina's back!

The wait is almost over...
Recorded in her home studio, "Bionic" features "electronic and organic elements with subject matter ranging from playful to introspective."
The album features collaborations with Sia, Le Tigre, Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, Hill & Switch and Ladytron, and a ballad entitled "Lift Me Up" written by Linda Perry. "Bionic" will be released June 8th. A short clip of her first single from the album, "Not myself tonight" can be heard on her website today. Click here to listen to it. The full single will be released on March 30th.
Bob Out

The Friday Flashback

Two GREAT voices. One GREAT song.
Barbra & Celine
"Tell Him"

Can you believe it's already been 13 years since this song was released?!?!?! Time Flies!
Have a great weekend!
Bob Out

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hump Day Hunk(Chris Evans)

This week's Hump Day Hunk has to be....
That's Mr. Captain America to you :)
I can't wait to see him in that tight Captain America costume. The First Avenger: Captain America is set to open on July 22, 2011. Chris will also reprise the role in The Avengers, which will unite Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and the Incredible Hulk (Edward Norton). That film is set for release  on May 4, 2012.

WOW, Robert Downey Jr...Chris Hemsworth...Edward Norton & Chris Evans in ONE movie. Girls, that will be a major drool fest. COUNT ME IN!

Bob Out

Who do you think you are?

Have you guys seen the new show "Who do you think you are"? I have to admit I watched the first episode just because it featured Sarah Jessica Parker. I LOVE HER! It turns out this is really a great show.  In that first episode Sarah's family was traced back as far as the 1600's and it turns out she had family that was accused of witchery back in the Salem Witch Trials. This weeks episode featured Lisa Kudrow. It was a really moving episode because she had family that died during the holocaust. Just hearing how they were treated and eventually murdered was horrific.

I've spent the last few days on & researching my family history. 
So far I haven't uncovered a lot BUT I did find out I have a great uncle who died in WWI. He hadreceived two medals of honor before dying in battle over in Italy. I found out he is actually
buried there because they didn't return the bodies then like they do now. I've also made it 
back as far as my great, great, great grandparents on my mom's side. I haven't found much on my dad's side yet but I just found out my aunt has a lot of that info so I plan on meeting with
her soon. Have any of you guys researched your family tree? any advice?

Bob Out

Friday, March 19, 2010

Betty White has a new tv show

Betty White will be back on tv starting this summer. Her new tv show called "Hot In Cleveland"will apear on TV Land. The show also features Valerie Bertinelli, Jane Leeves & Wendy Malick.Check out this clip...

What a lineup! I love all of these actresses. I'm in!

Bob Out

The Friday Flashback

No one can belt it out like Ms. Patti Labelle. I LOVE her! I feel such a connection with her.  I don't want to get all serious on you guys but....I saw her once talking about one of her sisters dying. Her sister had asked Patti to cook one of her dishes that she loved. Patti told her she would but didn't have time right then. She got a call the next day saying her sister had died. Patti said that was her greatest regret in life. Well, when I was 16 my sister died in a motorcyle accident, she was 21. The day before she died she came to see me. She asked what I was doing and I told her I was going to the movies with a friend. She asked if she could come with me and I basically told her no. I made up stuff about having to go get him and not knowing what movie we would see and blah, blah, blah. It is the biggest regret I have in my life. Why did I not just say yes, please go with me! I just wanted to hug Patti and tell her I understood.
ANYWAY....back to The Friday Flashback...
"Lady Marmalade"

Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!
Bob Out

Thursday, March 18, 2010


I guess all the rumors were true. Jesse James issued this apology today...
"It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way." This has caused my wife and kids pain and embarrassment beyond comprehension and I am extremely saddened to have brought this on them. I am truly very sorry for the grief I have caused them. I hope one day they can find it in their hearts to forgive me."

How embarrasing this must be for her. She has been gushing over him recently in some of her acceptance speeches. sad. I feel so bad for her.
Bob Out

Sandra Bullock splits from husband?!?!

I started hearing rumors yesterday that Sandra Bullock had split from her husband of 5 years, Jesse James. This comes less than two weeks after the Oscars where they seemed so in love.
Then word comes today that he had an 11-month affair with this lady...

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee told In Touch magazine that she and Bullock's husband Jesse James began their affair as the actress was filming "The Blind Side". I guess he likes girls with tattoos.
This is his second wife porn star, Janine Lindemulder...

I feel so bad for Sandra Bullock. She just pulled out of attending the London premiere of "The Blind Side".
Ugh, MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob Out

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hump Day Hunk: Brothers

Happy Hump Day!
Welcome to Hump Day Hunk: Brothers
Liam & Chris Hemsworth
Liam can be seen as Miley Cyrus' love interest in the new film "The Last Song". They are also dating in real life.  :(
Chris played Kirk's dad in last years "Star Trek". He can also be seen in the upcoming films, "Red Dawn" & "Thor". I'd like to be seen between them in a remake of "Between the Sheets".

You're welcome!
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

What's up?!
I have been a little discombobulated and haven't posted or read any blogs since Friday. As soon as I post this I am going to go back and try to read some to see what I missed. I love reading y'alls blogs!

I spent Saturday night just hanging with friends and having a good time. We had Prosseco and I made Ina Garten's fresh Whiskey Sours. Y'all...these things are so damn good. Here's the recipe

3/4 cup whiskey
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
2/3 cup sugar syrup (see note)
Ice cubes
Maraschino cherries
Combine the whiskey, lemon juice, lime juice, and syrup. Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice and pour in the drink mix 2/3 full. Shake for 15 seconds and pour into glasses. Add a maraschino cherry and serve ice cold.

Note: To make the sugar syrup, bring 1 cup of water and 1 cup of sugar to a boil, and simmer until the sugar is completely dissolved. Chill before using.

Seriously, Try these...DELICIOUS! I LOVE Ina Garten.

I just heard Kate Winslet is getting a divorce. I guess I have to say goodbye to being gay and go after her. Wait, I could never be str8 so maybe I have gone so far gay I've become a woman. Hey Kate, you up for a lesbian relationship? hehe
Did anyone watch "Celebrity Apprentice"this past Sunday?

The first project managers were Cyndi Lauper and Bret Michaels. Two eighties stars going up against each other. Well, Cyndi's team lost. They did a good job but didn't raise as much money as Bret's team. I really thought Cyndi was going to be the first celebrity booted but she wasn't, THANKFULLY! Carol Leifer was booted instead. However, I think Cyndi is just too nice to compete with these people.

Things got a little tense between Andre Agassi & Pete Samprass. Watch this clip...
Hey Guys, It's a charity event...PLAY NICE!

I gotten get busy reading blogs. Hope you guys have a great day!
Bob Out

Friday, March 12, 2010

Gaga & Beyonce's new video, Telephone

This is the new Gaga & Beyonce' video, Telephone. Check it out...So AWESOME!!!!!!

Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!!
Bob Out

The Friday Flashback

Throughout "Control" and "Rhythm Nation:1814" she was covered up. Then the last single to be released from Rhythm Nation changed all of that. Suddenly she was sexy...very sexy. It was a sign of things to come. She hasn't been covered up since(hehe). This is the video that changed things for Janet.
Ms. Jackson if your nasty.

Stylish and Sexy
Bob Out

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lesbian student's prom gets canceled because she wants to bring her girlfriend

I just read this article and it infuriated me. Check this out...

By SHELIA BYRD, Associated Press Writer Shelia Byrd, Associated Press Writer

JACKSON, Miss. – An 18-year-old Mississippi lesbian student whose school district canceled her senior prom rather than allow her to escort her girlfriend and wear a tuxedo said she got some unfriendly looks from classmates when she reluctantly returned to campus Thursday.

Constance McMillen said she didn't want to go back the day after the Itawamba County school board's decision, but her father told her she needed to face her classmates, teachers and school officials.

"My daddy told me that I needed to show them that I'm still proud of who I am," McMillen told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. "The fact that this will help people later on, that's what's helping me to go on."

The district announced Wednesday it wouldn't host the April 2 prom. The decision came after the American Civil Liberties Union told officials a policy banning same-sex prom dates violated students' rights. The ACLU said the district not letting McMillen wear a tuxedo violated her free expression rights.

McMillen said she felt some hostility toward her on the Itawamba County Agricultural High School campus.
"Somebody said, 'Thanks for ruining my senior year.'" McMillen said.

The school board issued a statement announcing it wouldn't host the event in Fulton, "due to the distractions to the educational process caused by recent events."

The statement didn't mention McMillen or the ACLU. When asked by the AP if McMillen's demand led to the cancellation, school board attorney Michele Floyd said she could only reference the statement.

"I guess they would rather do that than what's right, what's constitutionally correct," McMillen said.

Same-sex prom dates and cross-dressing are new issues for many high schools around the country, said Daryl Presgraves, a spokesman for GLSEN: Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, a Washington-based advocacy group.

"A lot of schools actually react rather than do the research and find out what the rights of these students are," said Presgraves, who was preparing to facilitate a discussion about anti-gay bullying at a National Association of Secondary School Principals meeting.

The school district had said it hoped a privately sponsored prom could be held. McMillen said if that happens, she's sure she'll be excluded.

"It's a small town in Mississippi, and it's run by an older generation with money. Most of them are more conservative and they don't agree with it," she said.

Fulton Mayor Paul Walker said he supports the school district's decision and knew of no private efforts to host the prom.

"I think the community as a whole is probably in support of the school district," Walker said of the town of about 4,000.

Itawamba County is a rural area of about 23,000 people in north Mississippi near the Alabama state line. It's near Pontotoc County, Miss., where more than a decade ago school officials were sued in federal court over their practice of student-led intercom prayer and Bible classes.

A couple of students had different reactions to the decision.
Anna Watson, a 17-year-old junior at the high school, was looking forward to the prom, especially since the town's only hotspot is the bowling alley, she said.

"I am a little bummed out about it. I guess it's a decision that had to be made. Either way someone was going to get disappointed — either Constance was or we were," Watson said. "I don't agree with homosexuality, but I can't change what another person thinks or does."

McKenzie Chaney, 16, said she wasn't planning to attend the prom, but "it's kind of ridiculous that they can't let her wear the tuxedo and it all be over with."

A Feb. 5 memo to students laid out the criteria for bringing a date to the prom, and one requirement was that the person must be of the opposite sex.

Presgraves said his organization hears about school districts that prohibit same-sex prom dates and gay-straight alliance clubs at schools. He said those kind of policies are detrimental to gay students.

"It sends a message that these students shouldn't be treated the same," Presgraves said.

Betty White set to host SNL

YES! Betty White has been confirmed as host of Saturday Night Live on May 8th. The Mother's Day episode also will feature a reunion of six former female cast members: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon, Maya Rudolph, Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch.

SNL executive producer Lorne Michaels says he has "always wanted" White to host. "Years ago, I turned it down three times," White says. "It's so New York, and I'm not New York at all. "But my agent said he'd divorce me if I didn't do it, and I love my agent."

The "Betty White to Host SNL (please?)!" group on Facebook has attracted nearly half a million members.
It was her appearance in this Super Bowl ad that really started the frenzy to get her to host SNL.

We love you , Betty White!
Can't wait to see this episode of SNL!
Bob Out

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hump Day Hunk(Ryan Reynolds)

He is one of my all time favorites. I could lick him up one side and down the other. Scarlett Johansson is one lucky bitch.
Ryan Reynolds
Happy Hump Day
You're welcome!hehe
Bob Out