Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

I am starting to doubt this whole global warming thing. Here it is March 2nd and look at the snow we have in Georgia...
This is my dog, Scooby. Can you tell he doesn't like the snow?
I am working from home today and I'm off tomorrow so luckily I don't have to deal with driving in this. And you know us southerners. We are not used to this...one inch and this state shuts down.

I just saw this pic from last week's BAFTA awards in London..
Kate Winslet
Doesn't she look stunning! I have a total girl crush on her ever since I saw "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind."  I liked her before that but I LOVED that movie and just fell in love with her.

It's kind of a quiet week around here. I didn't even do anything FUN this past weekend. Last Thursday I managed to break a pipe in my shower. Don't ask me how...Oh, the joys of home ownership.I should come up with some story about having wild sex in there. The plumber came and he had to cut out a section of dry wall to repair it. So this weekend I repaired that and then repainted my bathroom. You probably can't tell the color well from the pics but it's called
"Toasting Tan"
I was proud of my sheetrock repair job and I even installed an new shower curtain rod. The old one I had was the spring loaded kind. My new one is mounted to the wall. I had to get a stud finder(hehe...I need a stud finder) and mount that sucker. And boy did I!

I am going to my first drag show this weekend. I am so excited! Nicole Paige Brooks from RuPaul's drag race is performing at Le Buzz in Atlanta...
I better get busy...I am supposed to be working. Hope Y'all have a great day!
Bob Out


Stephen said...

Snow = NO!
Kate Winslet = YES!

Don't hate me because it is 60 & sunny in Portland...

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

WHAT? Your first drag show? FUN!
We were told to sit farther back in the audience. It's easier to forget that they are men performing as women. There was a group that used to stay at a hotel in Providence where my husband's grandfather worked. We got free tickets.

You said studfinder *hehe snort*

robertga99 said...

I am jealous, Stephen!

That is too funny, LMSS! I have a bad habit of making a sexual reference out of ANYTHING. I love that you did it too :)

Paul Benjamin said...

Scooby! What a cutie-pie!!!

Kate Winslet is in my Top 3 favorite actresses. She is one of the most beautiful women too!

Sean said...

It's not global warming, it's climate change.

Climate change doesn't mean hot weather, it means extreme weather.

I know you know this but I'd hate for Faux News to use your post as a talking point. LOL

Bob said...

I'm with you on Kate.
Love her!
I call her "The British Meryl Streep."

bunny said...

I would SO "go girl" for Kate. She just seem like the type you could sit and have a pint with and laugh until you snorted.

WannabeVirginia W. said...

Oh hey, I see you all over the place. The comments you leave are funny but I have not actually visited your blog or have I?

Frightening how it is snowing in Atlanta!

The last time I saw a drag show was when I was 13 then we moved here in hicksville. I would love to see one again.

Bo said...

Atleast you guys got snow...here its just been rainy and cold...you have such a cute dog.

Michael Rivers said...

I'm so ready for spring!! It HAS to come soon, doesn't it?!?

Kate ALWAYS looks good.

RAD said...

Snow YUCK Kate-AWESOME How was your drag show?