Friday, March 19, 2010

The Friday Flashback

No one can belt it out like Ms. Patti Labelle. I LOVE her! I feel such a connection with her.  I don't want to get all serious on you guys but....I saw her once talking about one of her sisters dying. Her sister had asked Patti to cook one of her dishes that she loved. Patti told her she would but didn't have time right then. She got a call the next day saying her sister had died. Patti said that was her greatest regret in life. Well, when I was 16 my sister died in a motorcyle accident, she was 21. The day before she died she came to see me. She asked what I was doing and I told her I was going to the movies with a friend. She asked if she could come with me and I basically told her no. I made up stuff about having to go get him and not knowing what movie we would see and blah, blah, blah. It is the biggest regret I have in my life. Why did I not just say yes, please go with me! I just wanted to hug Patti and tell her I understood.
ANYWAY....back to The Friday Flashback...
"Lady Marmalade"

Hope you guys have a GREAT weekend!
Bob Out


Michael Rivers said...

I love Pattie. I've seen her once and would go again.

Hugs to you for sharing your story.

wozzel said...

a touching story. Thanks Bob!!

Paul Benjamin said...

Ooh...the original marmalade! I love it. Patty sure could sing

Bob said...

Love the story. We should all learn that people aren't always going to be here tomorrow.

Wonder Man said...

Thank you for your story. And Patti, I love her so much. I've seen her 4 times.