Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits

I'm sure you have all heard but in case you haven't, Ricky Martin came out of the closet yesterday...
Ricky, call me! I'll be a great mama to your kids :)

Tonight I will once again be watching American Idol but I'm not sure how much longer. Is anyone watching it out there? Gosh, I just think this season is sooooo boring.  My friend, Bunny is coming over to watch it with me. She is bringing Brusters ice cream and I am making dinner and drinks. I am serving roasted chicken breast, brussel sprouts with pancetta & acorn squash. I'm also going to make Ina Garten's whisky sours again. I am sooooo addicted to those things...YUMMY!

The full version of the new Christina Aguilera song, "Not myself tonight", premieres today. Check out her website tonight at 6pm to listen to it. I can't wait to hear it.

I've got mail...

Look, I received the artwork I won from Dean @ Exploding Doughnut. I had it framed this week and just picked it up last night.
Have a great night!
Bob Out


Sean said...

All I can say about AI is thank goodness for DVR's and fast forward. My faves are Lee, Crystal and Siobhan. I think Sioban has the best chance to win and to have commercial success. I also like Aaron but don't think he'll make the top 5.

It is bad this year and not just the contestants - the judges are sucking too. Ellen is good but all Randy says is "I don't know dog, I just don't know."

I can't imagine watching it next year with out Simon.

Bo said...

I heard that about Ricky Martin...It was not really a surprise.

WannabeVirginia W. said...

So disappointed with AI this season. They had Miley as a mentor? Really?

How do you make your acorn squash. I love all kinds of squash but have not tried the acorn ones.

robertga99 said...

Sean-I probably won't watch without Simon. I think it will drop big time after he leaves.
I love Lee too! Crystal is ok but I just wonder if she could make a relevant album. Siobhan is ok too but she needs to stop screaming.

Wannabe- This was the first time I made acorn squash but it won't be the last...DELICIOUS!
I cut it in half and put the cut side down in a baking dish. Poured about 1 inch of water in and baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Then drained the water turned them right side up and baked for another 30 mins. I then made a brown sugar butter with a little cinnamon & nutmeg but taking 1/2 stick softened butter...1 tlbs brown sugar and a pinch of cinnamon & nutmeg and mashed it all together. When the squash was done I just put a tablespoon of the butter in each half and served it. It was sooo dang yummy

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

We're watching Idol because Siobhan lives one town over from my son and they know some of the same people. Everyone around there knows she has been on stage since she was a little kid and has no stage fright. We really like Lee and Casey too but we're worried they are trying to change Crystal.

Wonder Man said...

miley was a mentor?