Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I received a blogger award...woot, woot

"You like me, you really like me"!That phrase is cemented in pop culture but did you know(I didn't)...
That's not exactly what Sally Field said...the actual quote was "I can't deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!" but I still like the mis-quote better so I just went with it. :)

I won an award and I didn't have to blow anyone this time...

ONE: Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
Thank you, Bob!  I would kiss you but I'm not a lesbian

TWO: Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
Check: see above

THREE: Link to the person who nominated you for this award.

FOUR: Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.

Oh No. I'm not sure if there is 7 interesting things about me but I'll try :)'

1- I was born on Christmas day just 19 minutes after midnight
2- My mom didn't have insurance so she checked out of the hospital at 9am. She & My Dad couldn't afford to pay the bill so they set up a payment plan. They made the first payment b4 leaving the hospital. When my mom went back to make the second payment they told her that someone had paid the entire bill.. We still don't know who did it.
3- I LOVE music! Almost all kinds. My Ipod is filled with country, pop, rock, alternative, gospel and so on...
4- After graduation from high school I was enrolled in Bible College. Well, it was held in my church but it was tought by an accredited proffessor. It was supposed to be a four year degree but because It was only held once a week, I went four years and only got about half way through.
5- I had a couple of "gay" experiences in high school but soon afterwards felt weird about it and "convicted" of it due to my religious background. I was pushing 30 b4 I had another sexual encounter with a guy.
6- I am a foodie. I love The Food Network and just about any other type of cooking shows or shows involving food. The highlight of my recent trip to DC was seeing Julia Child's kitchen at the Smithsonian. I've been to eat at Paula Deen(The Lady & Sons) & one of Bobby Flay's(Mesa Grill) resteraunts. I would give my left nut(well, not really) to meet Ina Garten. I LOVE HER!!!!!!
7- I am a radio station contest winner. Actually I have won a lot. Somewhere in the neighboorhood of 300 contest and all sorts of different prizes. You can check out part of the list here.

FIVE: Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers and post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.

1- My friend, Bunny at Bunny-Go-Round. She is a dear friend and just loves gay men so  much that she married one...haha j/k...check her out!
2- http://www.bos-bowl.com/- He can cook! Look at the pics and recipes. Mmmmmmm
3-  Rad Homo- Great & Funny guy and he knows how to pick some hot men to feature on his page.
4- Michael Rivers:The Blog- freelance writer with a great blog
5-  http://explodingdoughnut.blogspot.com/- Great Artist and all around nice guy.
6- Spice of Life- An American in Europe. Great blog on good living
7- Be kind and unwind- Another American living in Switzerland with a great blog

I would have also picked one of these other blogs...my favs ...but they had already won the award but check them out anyway(if you aren't already) Bob... Mark...and Sean


Michael Mattison said...

Bob -- First of all: Congrats! Your blog is just plain FUN, and of course your rich potpourri of topics keeps me abreast in what's going on in America. Always nice stopping by for a visit. (And when you go to Europe, e.g. to visit Cristiano Ronaldo in wet trunks (!), then you sure show good taste.)
Thanks for mentioning me and bestowing that award on me; it really is very sweet of you. Thanks for all your great comments at Spice of Life these past few months.

bunny said...

BOBS! I lurves you, my BGFF. But I have to chastise you for calling the hubs a sissy. Well, he IS, but don't call him one! :) lol

robertga99 said...

Thanks, Michael!

Bunny...you did name him Mr. Martha for a reason!

Bo said...

Hey Bob,
You have a great blog. Congrats on the award.

Michael Rivers said...

Congrats!! I've really enjoyed your blog. Keep up the great work. Also, thanks for passing it on to me!

RAD said...

Thanks fro the shout out babe! xx

Stephen said...

Great job!