Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simon Cowell leaving American Idol

Simon Cowell announced yesterday that this will be his last season on "American Idol".
If you are still watching Idol now...will you continue to watch when he leaves?

Simon is leaving to become a judge on the American version of "X-Factor" which will premiere in the fall of 2011.

So what is the difference between "X-Factor" and "American Idol"?
There is no age limit on "X-Factor" and it includes groups and not just solo acts.
I wonder if Paula will become a judge on "X-Factor"? Hmmmmm

Bob Out


Bob said...

I'd still watch Idol. As much as i liked simon's snarky comments, and oftentimes agreed with him, I watch for the singing and the talent.
It might be less snarky, but it'll still be a talent show.

bunny said...

Hmmm...honestly, I think American Idol may have run its course. It has been on a steady downhill progression for all but the teeny bopper crowd. I think they need to revamp and refresh the whole show...including the judges...if they want to keep it going.

Mark in DE said...

Frankly, I think Idol will become more pleasant to watch WITHOUT PAULA AND SIMON. But the talent has to be there for me to watch the show.