Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hump Day Hunk(Rocco Dispirito)

Rocco Dispirito

Looks delicious!

His new cookbook is scheduled to hit shelves in March. It looks fantastic!  In it, he takes traditional high fat/calorie dishes and gives them a healthy makeover.
Happy Hump Day!
Bob Out


bunny said...

Now Eat This, indeed! ;)

Michael Rivers said...

I LOVE Rocco. I met him and I can honestly say he is GORGEOUS in person. He literally took my breath away.

My friend Tony was with me. Tony NEVER makes comments on guys. When Rocco walked into the room Tony said, "Oh my god."

I should do a blog post with our picture together.

robertga99 said...

Oh Michael, I am soooo jealous! Please post that pic.

Stephen said...

& I love a man who can cook!

RAD said...

I like your hump! :-)

Mark in DE said...

Oh yeah, I have long lusted after Rocco. Did you ever see him on the (defunct) Isaac Mizrahi TV show on the Style Network? OMG, he was so cute and funny! He has also been a Crush du Jour on my blog in the past.