Thursday, January 7, 2010

Atlanta Braces for a Snow Storm

Snow Storm 2010

Atlanta is bracing for a massive snow storm expected to hit this afternoon. Preliminary indications suggest that we could see between 1-2 inches of accumulation in the north Georgia mountains and half to 1 inch in the metro area. Y'all I have never seen people worked into such a frenzy over 1-2  inches. I need at least 6 inches to get me going.

This "storm" isn't even expected to arrive until 5pm today but the schools are closing at 1pm. Delta has canceled flights tonight in preperation and grocery stores are running out of bread and milk.

From your Winter Storm Center
Bob Out


bunny said...

No wonder people think Southerners are morons--we sure act like it sometimes~ :)

Bob said...

The same thing is happening here for tomorrow!
Kills me!

Mark in DE said...

"I need at least 6 inches to get me going."

Wait - are we still talking about snow??? ;-)

Grab that snow shovel!!