Saturday, September 26, 2009

On this date in history...61 years ago

The year was 1948 and the world was blessed with the birth of a future superstar...OLIVIA NEWTON-JOHN!

Y'all I can't express how much I LOVE her. I love her so much I can remember getting into the car to go see "Grease" when it was released. I remember sitting in the movie theatre so excited when the opening credits came on. I had all of her albums...still do. Every time she released an album I bought it the day it came out. Her music just takes me to another time and place and always makes me feel good inside. SHUT UP! Don't make fun of me! :)
That was then...

This is now...

Still Beautiful! Still Fabulous! Still a Superstar!
Happy Birthday, Olivia!
Love You,

Bob Out

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