Friday, September 11, 2009

May we never forget

You could choose to look back on this date 8 years ago with great sadness. It was a terrible event! I will always remember the people who died that day...but more than anything ...I will never forget how united this nation became after the attacks. It was amazing to see the sense of patriotism from EVERYONE. All parties and all people united as AMERICANS! I wish we could keep that spirit always and realize no matter what political party you are affiliated with...we are all united as Americans.

Bob Out

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bunny said...

What a great commentary, Bob. I, too, often think back to those days after 9/11 when, for the only time I can remember in my life, we were together as a country. Not red, not blue, not black, not white, but just Americans. Think how much we could accomplish as a nation if we could maintain just 1/10th of that pride and energy.