Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hump Day Happenings

Folks, I am tired! I am trying to stay awake but it's hard(hehe, I said hard). I found myself falling asleep while I was watching Top Chef so I decided to blog during commercials in an attempt to stay awake.

Today started out with a little exercise. My friend and I walked up Stone Mountain . For those that don't know, Stone Mountain is the largest piece of exposed granite in the world. It has miles of trails around the mountain but we did the hike up to the summit.
The hike up is VERY steep in some sections and I am here to tell you it will kick your butt. Well, maybe not yours if you're in good shape but it sure did kick mine.

That was followed by a trip to Hop City. What is Hop City you ask? Well, It is a huge beer and wine store in Midtown Atlanta. They carry over 1,000 kinds of beer. My friend Bunny was super excited about going. I am not a huge fan of beer so I was along for the ride on this one.

Then we went to Dekalb Farmers Market. I LOVE Dekalb Farmers Market! If you live in Atlanta and love to cook or just need to check this place out. They have EVERYTHING food related you can think of. If you do go...get some Farro salad from the deli. This a delicious salad made from the Farro grain with feta, olives, grape tomatoes, olive oil, thyme and parsley...YUMM!!!!

I am super excited about tomorrow. My WONDERFUL brother in law scored excellent seats to see Georgia Tech play Clemson tomorrow night...woohoo. OK, I need to wrap his up. Top Chef is over and I need to go to bed. G'night.

Bob Out

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