Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hump Day Hunk(Dave Salmoni)

Dave Salmoni is a Canadian animal trainer, zoologist, a television presenter, and television producer. He currently hosts and produces the Discovery Channel show "Rogue Nature" and "After the Attack" on Animal Planet. Check out these pics...

Bob Out


Michael Mattison said...

Oh my, could you break me off a piece of that? I'd like to choose which piece myself... ;-)
Hey, and thanks for your cologne comment on my "Antaeus" piece. (And don't diss on Drakkar too badly: You might be surprised to learn it's got kind of a cult following over here, really!)

RAD said...

whoa-- he can explore me anytime! Hubba hubba!

bunny said...

*having the vapors*

Mark in DE said...