Saturday, January 1, 2011

Dillard's Deals

Happy New Year! Hope 2011 is the best year of your life. My favorite shopping day of the year is New Years Day at Dillard's. I heart Dillard's! They are the best department store ever!!! Check out these deals I got today...
In the picture above...
Item                                             Regular Price         What I paid
90 piece flatware set-Service for 12        $149.00                   $37.25
Tyler Florence Bread Knife w/case         $ 34.99                   $ 8.75
Quesadilla Maker                                    $ 19.99                    $ 9.99
Bella Cucina Panini Grill                        $ 29.99                    $ 9.99
Le Creuset Baking Dish                          $ 35.99                   $12.05
Frigoverre Glass Storage Container         $ 15.95                   $ 3.97
In the picture above...

Item                                             Regular Price       What I paid
Magic Bullet                                    $59.99                   $19.99
Hot Sauce Gift Pack                        $20.00                    $ 5.00
Wine Entusiast Wine Opener           $30.00                   $ 7.50
Marshmallow Gun                           $35.00                   $10.50

In the picture above...

Item                                            Regular Price           What I paid
Set of 3 flamless candles                         $40.00                  $6.00
Le Creuset Large Spatula                       $11.99                   $4.01
Le Creuset Small Spatula                        $8.99                    $3.01
Tom Colicchio 'Wichcraft cookbook      $27.50                   $4.12
Silicone Oven Mitt                                  $9.95                     $2.50
Silicone Collapsible Strainer                    $14.95                  $3.75
Tizo Italian Wood Frame                        $39.00                   $5.40
In the picture above...

Item                                               Regular Price         What I paid
DeLonghi  12 cup coffee maker              $69.99                      $22.49

That is some DAMN good deals.
The total value of what I bought today...$788.26...but I only paid....$206.02
Thank you, Dillards!
& Happy New Year to all my blog buddies
Bob Out


Anonymous said...

Dillards rocks...I always shopped there when I lived in Tenn...dude you rocked the!

Anonymous said...

cute and a deal finder, you might be the perfect package:)

robertga99 said...

Well, Kaleidoscope...How U doin!

Rabbit ૐ said...

Now that is my kind of shopping! My sister works at Dillard's. Maybe I should go see what they've got!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm doing good...but you could probably make it REAL good!:)

Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Holy Cow! Nice Haul!

I did snort at the Marshmallow Gun!

bunny said...

Jealous and sad I missed out! :(

R.J. said...

Girl, you did a fabulous job of shopping. Wish I had a Dillard's within a hundred miles of where I live.

Amers425 said...

I just have one question...What is a marshmallow gun for?? lol.

robertga99 said...

It's for total fun. if you have kids or like in my case, nephews. they are good to shoot them with and not get in too much trouble

Mike said...

Uh, the term "power shopper" comes to mind. Can i go with you next time?

robertga99 said...

Sure Mike!