Friday, January 7, 2011

John Edwards Engaged?

Former Presidential candiate and scum sucker, John Edwards, has gotten engaged according to the New York Times. John proposed to his girlfriend Rielle Hunter just three weeks after the death of his wife, Elizabeth Edwards. Elizabeth died on Decemember 7th after a long battle with cancer. Soon after the holiday engagement, It was reported  that he then arranged for his children Cate, Jack and Emma Claire to meet Rielle for the first time.

This guy is a class act all the way(Where's that sarc mark when I need it?). Did anyone of you see the interview Rielle did with Oprah? She said John told her she was his soul mate and just weeks later he renewed his vows with Elizabeth because all along he had been telling her it was over with Rielle.


When I first saw the article on yahoo yesterday, it said according to the New York Times this was true. Now that seems to have change to according to the National Enquirer. Had I know that at the time I wouldn't have posted this. Although, they were the ones who originally broke the story that he was having the affair. I guess we will wait & see.
Bob Out


R.J. said...

Gee, that didn't take long. Then again, I'm not shocked since he was cut out of Elizabeth's will in her final days.

What a jerk.

Bob said...

Well, at least he waited to make sure he wasn't in the will.

Mark in DE said...

What a HUGE disappointment he turned out to be.

Curious said...

According to Foxnews, CBS, ABC News and many other news sources, John Edwards is denying a report that he proposed to his mistress barely three weeks after his wife Elizabeth's death. I think what you were referring to is a report from the Enquirer which I would always take with a grain of salt if I were you.

robertga99 said...

Curious...I think you are right. I did an update to the post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

uggggggggggggggg. some people have no class...I mean if your in love, thats one thing...but to rub it in your childrens faces so soon after the lose of their mother, thats just an adult and wait...allow people to heal...ugggg:(

Amers425 said...

Sleezebag either way I say.