Monday, December 13, 2010

Top 10 YouTube Videos of 2010

Here are the Top 10 most viewed clips on YouTube this year. The guy who has the # 1 video has made a ton of money off this. Damn, Y'all...we need to come up with a funny video and make some money. Just sayin'...

1. YouTube bed intruder song.

2. Tik Tok Ke$ha Parody.

3. Greyson Chance singing "Paparazzi."

4. Annoying Orange – Whazzup?

5. Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.

6. Yosemitebear Mountain Giant Double Rainbow 1-8-10.

7. OK Go - This Too Shall Pass - Rube Goldberg Machine version.

8. The Twilight Saga – "Eclipse" trailer.

9. Jimmy Surprises Bieber Fans.

10. Ken Block's Gymkhana THREE, Part 2; Ultimate Playground

Bob Out


R.J. said...

I love seeing Old Spice Guy. He used to play for the Raiders not too long ago.

Anonymous said...

believe it or not I havent seen any of these but the old spice guy...I must live under a

Wonder Man said...

Old Spice Guy should be number 1

Sonya said...

So was the rainbow guy high or just unstable?

wozzel said...

ooh. Old Spice Guy - HOLA!

But as for Justin... hmm. He really should be banned. lol