Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday...blah, Blah, BLAH!!!!

Today TOTALLY feels like a Monday...It sucks and not in the good way. Oh well, I will get through it...I hope :)

So how was your Thanksgiving? Mine was great. I had lunch with the family and then went to friends for dinner. What a great day!

Black Friday didn't go so well. There seemed to be a lot of GREAT deals. Target had a 32inch flat screen for $246.00...DVDs for $3.99...and small appliances for $3.00 each(toaster, sandwich maker, coffee machine). I wanted that flat screen for my bedroom and I also wanted to pick up at least the sandwich maker but did I get them? OH HELL NO! I decided I was not going to get in line super early. They opened at 5am and I got there about 10 minutes later. There was a line out the door for electronics so I rushed back to the appliances and every one of the $3.00 items were gone. I did manage to get two DVDs for $3.99 each..."The Dark Knight" & "Elf"...but that was all I bought on Black Friday. That was worth getting up at 4:30am, right?!?!...WHATEVER!

Saturday night wasn't my night either. I love college football and my team...The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets lost against our arch enemy...The dreaded Georgia Bulldogs! I hate them...Grrrrrrrr. On a brighter note, Tech still managed to end their regular season at 10-2 and will play in the ACC Championship game this Saturday night. GO JACKETS!

That's all I've got for now. I'm tired and want to try and get by with doing as little work as possible today. Have a great day!

Bob Out

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RAD said...

LOL..Sounds like my trip to Target...we walked in and walked out...Went to another one that was less insane!