Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I see you...

I checked my Google analytics this morning and found out that I now have 67 unique visitors. Wow, thanks for checking me out...How U doin?!

I would love to know who you are. If you want and have time, send me a little blurb about yourself and where you're from.

Bob Out


Little Miss Sunshine State said...

Hey Bob,
Popped over from Bunny's blog.
I'm originally from MA, transplanted to FL 3 years ago.
Nice to meet you.

robertga99 said...

Hey Little Miss Sunshine State,
Thanks for popping over!
Nice to meet you too :)

Dean Grey said...


We've chatted on each other's blogs before but there's nothing wrong with introducing oneself more than once, right?

I'm Dean from the good ole' Windy City, a.k.a. Chicago!!

Cute squirrel btw.