Monday, November 9, 2009

Taverna Plaka

I have mentioned Taverna Plaka in a previous post but decided it needed it's own special post. Taverna Plaka is a Greek restaurant here in Atlanta. Folks, it is a fantastic place to eat.

It really is a true dining experience. The food is fantastic and the atmosphere is through the roof. You do have to go on a Friday or Saturday night to get the full experience though. Those are the only nights it gets really packed and they bring in the belly dancers. If you take someone there for their birthday, they make them stand on the table as they sing and throw napkins..."Oompa!"

Our waiter was a little scattered but we really didn't mind since the atmosphere was so fun. He made up for it by bringing us free shots of Ouzo and a piece of Baklava...Delicious! Try it sometime. SERIOUSLY!

Bob Out


Brian O'Mara-Croft said...

Free shots of Ouzo (or, for that matter, free shots of anything) help make for a special evening, even beneath an underpass.


robertga99 said...

Haha, SO TRUE!
Thanks, Brian
Cheers to you :)