Thursday, October 28, 2010

Gretchen wins Project Runway

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Did Gretchen really just win Project Runway? OMG! I have to know...did you guys like her collection?
I didn't at all! I thought it was very bland.  Mondo should have won. However, I didn't like those damn head pieces he designed. Maybe if he had canned those his collection wouldn't have looked as costumy(is that a word?) to Michael and Nina. Who knows? I guess they know more about fashion than me. I am just soooo disappointed. This was the best season yet(to me)... until this.

Bob Out


R.J. said...

I thought Gretchen had the best collection on the runway overall but Mondo was close. Andy lost his soul along the way and I was disappointed because I expected a lot more from him.

ann foxlee said...

BLECH!!! I hated Gretchen's designs sooooooo much!!! (and I'm from Portland-- usually I support the locals no matter what!)
Her 'designs' (and I use that term loosely) were hippy-dippy hideousness that look like I picked them up from a booth at saturday market. I could almost smell the patchouli still wafting off them.
Besides my objection to their hippy/granola quality, they were also instantly forgettable. I feel like I remember each one of Mondo's outfits clearly (and wish I could buy them!). I even remember some of Andy's that I thought were very pretty. But Gretchen? All I have is a vague recollection of several ill-fitting, 3-sizes too big, drapey, stevie nicks-y trainwrecks. Oh and I can't get that patchouli smell out of my nose.

Michael Rivers said...

I didn't see this coming at all. I did expect Mondo's collection to be a bit better. But Gretchen's was so much of the same print. I honestly don't think I'd see anyone in Minneapolis wearing her clothes. I loved the judge's discussion. That was very interesting. I wanted to see more.

robertga99 said...

Ann, you took the words right out of my mouth. Actually, you didn't because I don't know what some of those words are...but it sounds damn good so I am going with it. :)'

Sean said...

They criticized Michael C for only showing one color and then they love Gretchen for having 10 looks in the same color and pattern. Actually, I think she really only showed 8 looks because several models had to walk in their underwear.

And WTF was Gretchen wearing? She stole one of April's dresses.

Mondo was robbed. Although, PR did keep the tradition of the winner of the first challenge usually being the ultimate winner.

Sean said...

Also, I can't remember any other runway finale when not a single dress didn't earn major applause.

robertga99 said...

Exactly, Sean!

There wasn't a wow design from any of them. It was boring. I do love Mondo's looks but hated how he styled them and those damn head pieces needed to go.

Such a great season that ended with a big dud. Plus, Gretchen was such a bitch. I hate it when someone that bitchy wins.

Anonymous said...

I think the entire season was lack luster...but she of them all was a dim light for sure.

ann foxlee said...

I have to apoligize for all of Portland... we fight so hard against the image of being a town full of bitchy hippies, and then Gretchen comes along and reaffirms what everyone thinks of our fair city.
I swear, most of the city is ashamed by the Gretchen win! I just got back from having a drink with a friend, and random people from other tables were agreeing with our conversation about how awful Gretchen is!

Ewww, and one of my friends saw her last week at some little fashion-y trunk show. Her observation: "that girl is tall. and she looks like she's disgusted with everyone all the time."

That's ok, Gretchen, most of the world is disgusted with you too.


mistress maddie said...

I'm sooooooooo appauled!

BosGuy said...

I thought Gretchen's clothes were the most wearable and most commercial but I was in Mondo's corner all the way.

I also agree with Michael Rivers - the best part of the show was the judges conversation and back & forth; check it out if you didn't see it.

I think the bigger question was why in the world did Project Runway have Jessica Simpson as the judge? Lifetime's budget for the show must be nonexistent - either someone a bit more "fashionable" or perhaps even someone from the fashion industry (model / designer / whatever) would have been far more interesting.