Monday, May 3, 2010

Whose in the closet?

For weeks I've been hearing that a "major" celebrity would be coming out of the closet. People magazine had the scoop and would run the story the first week in May. The speculation began...who would it be?

I heard rumors that it was Anderson Cooper. Then I heard Sean Hayes. When I heard those names I thought...Hmmm, sure a lot of people know who those guys are but would either one be considered a "major" celebrity? Ok, I guess you could make an argument for either one. So today I found out who it was...

Chely Wright

Is that the sound of crickets I hear? Chely Wright? Who? Well, Chely it turns out is a country music star. If you can call her that. She's had a couple of hits. Her only # 1 record came back in 1999 and since then she's had a couple of singles that charted...I think. I mean, good for her. I think she will now be the only openly gay country music artist I've ever heard of but until today I don't think I had heard of her. Anyway...Congrats Sherry, I mean Chely. You Go Girl!

Bob Out


Jovan Gonzales said...

OMG! Chely Wright!? Yeah. I don't even know who that is. I even listen to some country. Meh. Oh well. If only Josh Turner would come out and then move to my neck of the woods. His deep voice is so nice! Anyways, you're so up to date on gossip! :P

PS: sorry I've dropped off the planet. It happens when school/work/life/sleep decide to punch me in the face ... all at once. Hahaha.

Bo said...

She sure is one pretty lesbian...If only they could all be that pretty...Maybe she will remake her big hit...this time it will be a single white female looking for a girl like you.