Friday, May 28, 2010

The Friday Flashback

One word...
"If I Could Turn Back Time"
I just thought a little Cher was in order to kick off our long weekend.
Check out this pic...She can still rock that outfit..
Hope you guys have a great Memorial day weekend
Bob Out


Bob said...

A little Cher is always in order!
Enjoy the weekend Bob!

Michael Rivers said...

Love her!! She has somem great survival songs!

Robbie said...

Cher hits the spot. Have a great weekend!

RAD said...

Have a good weekend too!!

stevecavalcanti said...

Is funny that her voice instead of get worse like some artists ,just got better and better with time ( her voice in Sony and Cher times didnt do much for me ) but from Turn Back time to now is amazing ! Great Blog just added you and will back to check you posts :)