Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hump Day Hunk: Nick Symmonds

Have you seen the latest Nike commerical? Check it out...

That's good, right? That hunk is middle distance track star,
Nick Symmonds
Nice ass, Nick!

Sorry, I couldn't find a lot of hot pics of him but that commerical should be enough :)
Happy HUMP Day
Bob Out


Bob said...

I'd hate to run a race with him. I'd spend all by time behind know.......looking.

Anonymous said...

nice ass, nice smile...yummy :)

mistress maddie said... That boy could mount me anytime! There is just something sexy as hell about a guy with a tan line. And the damn sneaker acting like a cock block!!! Curses.

Mark in DE said...

He's got a handsome face and a VERY HOT body!