Monday, March 28, 2011

I Bought A New Car!

I bought a new car and it's a HYBRID! Take take oil prices!

I had been looking at trading my car for a used Prius. I love the Prius but they are very pricey...even for a used one. I was sitting in the Toyota dealership about to buy a 2007 used Prius with high mileage. The salesman was filling out my credit application and I suddenly just felt it was not the best move for me. I told him I was sorry and left the dealership. I decided I would just keep my SUV and deal with the gas prices.

When I pulled out of the dealership I saw a 0.9% financing at the Honda dealership so I pulled in on a whim and decided to see what kind of Hybrids they had. I discovered the 2011 Honda Insight and fell in love. This is a sharp car with a Hybrid engine very similar to the Prius. The best thing? This car gets GREAT gas mileage...over 40mpg in both City & Hwy! This 2011 Honda Insight was just $3,000 more than the 2007 Prius with high mileage. Two hours later I was driving off the lot with it and I love it! These are pics I found online. I would have taken personal pics but it's been raining so much here in Georgia that I haven't been able to get any good pics...but I will soon!

This is the color I got...Crimson Red

I love the interior....sooo cool!

Bob Out


Nick said...

looks great dude, much fun with it ;)

R.J. said...

That is beautiful! Good for you. There is no reason why anyone should limit themselves to a Prius when other car makers are making hybrids that are just as good and for less money.

Anonymous said...

that color is HOT! just like it's owner ;) congrats

Bob said...

I've always loved a Honda, and a hybrid makes it so much better.

bunny said...

Lovely! Can't wait for a ride!

robertga99 said...

Thanks, Y'all!