Monday, October 26, 2009

ME: from A to Z

I'm totally stealing this blog idea from madtexter...Ummm, sorry but thanks for the idea :)'

A is for Attitude. Don't mess with me or I will give it to you. WORD!

B is for Bob, that's me :)

C is for Cookie..hehe(Sesame Street reference)The cookie monster song is my ring back I am known for the cookies I make. They are SUPER yummy if I do say so myself

D is for dick. I think with my dick sometimes. I need to stop that!

E is for Elrod. That used to be my last name b4 I decided to change it. The guy who donated sperm to make me was a real horse's ass so I didn't want any part of his last name.

F is for F*R*I*E*N*D*S. I love my friends. It's also the title of my favorite show EVER!

G is for Gay. Yes, I am!

H is for Honesty. It's the thing I look for most in a person. That and a great body, winning smile and a BIG....wallet...J/K

I is for Ice Cream. YUMMY! It is one of my biggest weaknesses and It shows :)

J is for Jennifer Anniston. I love her...I think I could go str8 for her...on second thought...Nah...but we could be best friends

K is for Kindhearted

L is for Liar. I hate habitual liars. I mean, we all tell a little white one every now and then..."Does my butt look big in these jeans?" NO! LIAR!

M is for... MEN. How YOU doin?!

N is for...NO! Learn how to say that word. It could save you a lot of stress and grief

O is for...Olivia Newton-John. I Love her. She was my childhood idol. My mom thought I was in love with her...I think I was in love with the idea of being her

P is for...Parsley! It's not just a garnish. It's one of my favorite ingredients

Q is for...Quiet. Shhhhhhhhh!

R is for...Radio Station Contest. I'm addicted to winning

S is for...Scooby. That's my dog's name and it's also my favorite Cartoon

T is for... True Love. Does it exist? I've been looking for my soul mate since I was 15, I'm tired! Where is he?

U is for... Unique. I think we all are in our own special way

V is for...Vacation. I am going to DC next week. I'm so excited.

W is for...Willpower. A trait I severely lack

X is for...X-rated. Down boy

Y is for...Yellow Jackets. My favorite sport to watch is College Football and my favorite team is the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Z is for Zone. I need to find it and lose some weight! See Also: Willpower

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bunny said...

F is for Freak.
O is for Oversexed.
B is for Bunny's BFF.