Friday, February 11, 2011

Born This Way

What's up bitches? It's finally here...the long awaited new gay anthem? Well, that's what Elton John said this song would be. Do you think it lives up to the hype? Listen to it by going straight gayly forward to GaGa's official site by clicking HERE.
I like it...A LOT!  But I wouldn't say I LOVE it just yet. What do you think?
Put your paws up, baby!
Bob Out


Amers425 said...

I liked it when I heard the song on the radio this morning. I like all her music though. Well mostly. I don't know if it's the new gay'll have to let me know. I'm not sure I knew what the old one was honestly??? Cheers!! :-)

Anonymous said...


mistress maddie said...

I don't know about gay anthem but I do like it.